How to install plugin?

Tutorial how to install plugin.

In this tutorial you will learn how to easly install plugin on your Xenforo forum.

  1. Login to your FTP server.
  2. Go to your Xenforo root directory (where your forum is installed)
  3. Find folder src
  4. Find and open file config.php
  5. Under all settings put this line:
    $config['enableAddOnArchiveInstaller'] = true;
  6. Save & close config.php
    (These few steps enabled installation of plugins from inside your Admin Control Panel.)
  7. Login to your Admin Control Panel
  8. Click on "Add-ons" tab.
  9. Click on "Add-ons" link from dropdown menu.
  10. You will now see extended button in right top conrner of Add-ons list area:
  11. Click "Install/upgrade from archive"

12. Pick your plugin and click "Upgrade"

Remember that this way you can only install plugins for Xenforo. Always check source of your plugins!